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Dionne Abramowitch



I train 6 days a week predominantly doing resistance training. I have in the past suffered from back issues, but through extensive strengthening of my core and back I have largely conquered my pain. I started getting some lower back issues again recently and attributed that to my old mattress.

I purchased the Juno Activate Mattress because of the good feedback that I read from the professional athletes that you have provided. Initially I wasn't sure whether the Juno would help.

After one week of getting used to the new mattress my lower back pain miraculously vanished. I also wake up feeling more revitalised and the shoulder stiffness that I get from a previous days workout is no longer apparent.

By the way the mattress is super comfy too, initially it felt soft but this is just the top layer only and you get great support through the shoulders and hips. I have started recommending the mattress to my students/clients as well now.



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