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Sleep just got supercharged. Juno uses active fabric technologies to restore and renew bodies that work hard so they can work even harder. It’s not just a mattress. It’s a launchpad for your most powerful day yet.

The mattress designed for athletes & every active body

Supercharged sleep surface
Activate Top Cover

Incredible Celliant® and brilliant bamboo combine to create a powerfully restorative top cover that uses your body’s own energy to rejuvenate every part of it. While you sleep, clinically-proven Celliant® gets to work converting energy that is normally wasted into infrared light that boosts circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality and regulates body temperature. Biodegradable and hypoallergenic bamboo – far superior to cotton or polyester – is silky soft on the skin, while its breathable, moisture-wicking properties keep you beautifully cool, naturally.

Precision-engineered foam comfort – Dual Comfort Layer

Power is nothing without comfort. We’ve maximised the feel-good with two high-performance foam technologies to provide the perfect blend of support and lux-cushioning that’s exactly right for your body each night.

Gentle Response Layer

Soft to the touch, firmer layer to provide a progressively firmer and supportive feel.

Adaptive Float Layer

Take off the pressure and the heat with this blissfully cool gel-infused Memory Foam that adapts to the contours of your body, carrying you off to sleep effortlessly.

Body-intelligent base
High Density Support Base

Enduring stability meets ingenious suppleness in this high-density support base that works with the body’s natural structure to deliver the perfect mix of firmness and flex. The result is the superior support of a medium-firm mattress with the wonderful “sink in” feel of a softer mattress.

It’s not just a mattress.
It’s a launchpad to your most powerful day yet.


Born and bred in Australia

Juno is proudly Australian owned and operated and made here on Aussie soil. By choosing Juno, you're supporting the local economy and cutting back on the unnecessary carbon footprint of international shipping.


Juno foams are all GECA Approved (Australian Good Environmental Choice). That means you can be sure that the foam in your mattress has been properly assessed for its impact over its lifecycle and that it’s safe for you, the people you care about and the environment.


Comprishield is a natural, sustainable, bio-based microbial treatment that is derived from coconut oil, it provides great protection, eliminating dust mites, significantly reducing one of the major causes of allergies and asthma. It's also mould and mildew resistant so you'll be sleeping soundly and allergy free for many years to come.

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