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“Isolate – Fatigue – Stretch”. This is the principle of KX Pilates, the company leading one of Australia’s fastest growing fitness trends. By creating a high-intensity, full body-toning workout KX Pilates raised the bar for all boutique fitness studios and they’re on the rise – already having opened 42 studios across 5 Australian states within 7 years!

Besides strengthening and toning, Pilates is a discipline that focusses explicitly on restoring and rehabilitating active bodies – passions we share with KX, our JUNO Activate mattress was designed specifically to help active bodies recover faster and perform better – all while sleeping. Being big supporters of the KX Pilates movement, we are proud to announce our collaborative partnership as KX National Benefit Partner.

To get to know the people behind KX Pilates a little better, we sat down with National Training Manager Amie Skinner and talked about everything related to health, sleep and Pilates…

Tell us how your passion for Pilates started and when you realised that working with KX Pilates was something you wanted to focus on?

My passion for Pilates started as a young fitness professional in London who wanted to offer my clients something different and to learn the latest trend in Pilates, Dynamic Reformer Pilates.

What does an average day look like for you? How does the quality of your sleep impact this?

The life of a trainer involves early morning starts, teaching at 6am and evening shifts finishing at 9pm. So good quality sleep is crucial for me. My alarm generally goes off at 5am and after a 5 hour shift of teaching I am ready for breakfast number 2 and a workout for myself or an afternoon power nap before a 4 hour evening shift.

How important is sleep to you and what are the effects if you don’t get enough quality sleep?

I always need to be alert, engaged in my work and interacting positively with clients. Customer service is a large part of my job, so being perky after a good nights sleep is essential. I also need to be able to focus when teaching, which I know that I struggle with if I have not had a good nights sleep.

We all know the feeling of experiencing muscle soreness after a strenuous work out… What are your top 5 recovery tips?

Sleep, water, stretching, 24hrs recovery between sessions and massage or using the foam roller.

How does food and sleep affect your workout and daily routine?

A positive eating and sleeping routine is crucial for a Pilates instructor to ensure that you do not suffer from a sugar crash or tiredness mid afternoon. And for my own workouts and fitness I know the importance of sleep for attaining optimum performance and enjoyment of my sessions. Food is fuel, so eating a balanced, clean diet is compulsory for training success, looking good and feeling confident.

KX Pilates is one of the latest boutique fitness crazes – what are your 5 favourite go-to exercises for when you don’t have a Pilates studio at hand?

Reverse and forward lunges for the legs and butt. I look to do these with a bit of speed to get my heart rate up too. Planks are a must do for full body and core strength. Burpees for cardio, power and a good calorie burn, tricep dips for arms and upper back and reverse crunches for more abs!

What foods do you find best to support healthy energy levels? Is there anything specific that helps or hinders good quality sleep?

A good nutritious breakfast is essential for me. I start the day feeling ready and full of energy. Eggs are my favourite but for a quicker breakfast I love coconut yogurt with granola, nuts, seeds and fresh berries. Going to bed hungry hinders my sleep, so even if I teach a late shift and get home at 10pm I will still have some crackers and cottage cheese with a chamomile tea before I hit the sack.

What is your morning routine from waking up to starting your day?

I am a snoozer and love being in bed, so sometimes the early starts can be a struggle. But once I am up, the first thing I do is drink the glass of water I put by my bed the night before. I then always splash my face with cold water and have a cup of tea to get me started. I usually eat breakfast within an hour of waking or after my second class if I am teaching that morning.

Do you have a bedtime stretching routine? If yes, what makes you sleep best?

I like to roll on the foam roller before bed. It helps to relax my muscles.

What are your five top tips to staying happy, healthy and full energy to support an active lifestyle?

A regular weekly fitness routine. I like to do a mix of group classes such as pilates, spin or yoga as well as solo workouts in which I get time to switch off from others and just be inside my own head, e.g. swimming or running. Reading to relax and unwind. I like to always learn and be inspired by the stories of others or fictional novels. Hugs and kisses from loved ones. Connecting with other people and being social. Plenty of sleep so that I can embrace every day to its fullest.



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