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Can my fellow hyper-sensitivity sisters please raise yo hands! Back in preschool, my mum took me to the doctors and asked him what was wrong with me. I would scream because I could feel the seam from my socks on my feet. My dad would turn the T.V. on and I would cry because I could hear nice frequencies that other people couldn’t (yes… like a dog haha). I would use gel on my hair and slick it in a bun before bed because the feeling of a strand of hair on my neck would literally wake me from my sleep. Safe to say, I am one sensitive human! This has a lot to do with my bad sleeping habits and why I’ve always struggled to fall asleep… and stay asleep. Moving into our new apartment I decided to knuckle down and seriously research mattress technology, hoping it would help my sleeping sensitivities. Honestly guys, our new mattress has been life changing! We ended up picking a mattress by Juno and I am genuinely so stoked with my sleeping patterns and the feeling when I wake up. Kurt has back problems from training and noticed that it’s been helping his body recover, while I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my ability to fall asleep and not wake up even when Kurt is moving around. So for all of my sensitive sleeper out there, I definitely recommend a Juno mattress with celliant technology because ain’t no body got time for bad sleep!

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