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Honestly, I was surprised how much a good mattress can affect your body, healing process and sleep quality. It makes so much sense to spend your time investing in a good mattress...you spend half your life in it! I’m sceptical of a lot of things, but I honestly I admit that this Juno mattress made a difference. I usually have a sore back after training, and it lasts quite several days. Lucky enough for me, Juno approached me with their mattress for athletes and I can’t believe the difference in such a short amount of time. My back isn’t sore, I have slept great the past couple of days and its super comfy! I thought as a mattress made for athletes, it was going to be hard and thick and average, but it’s the first mattress I don’t have to alter to make better. I used to put 2 layers of padding on my last mattress to try and make it more comfortable. I think that this mattress could benefit everyone, not just athletes, but for anyone who wants to sleep better, train harder, feel better and heal faster. Every little detail counts.

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