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The JUNO mattress does Boxing Day sales!

The JUNO mattress does Boxing Day sales!

Don’t we all love Boxing Day Sales?! The biggest shopping event of the year tends to leave us beaming from ear to ear if we scored some good deals, or somewhat discontented if all we came away with was tired eyes from fruitless bargain hunting – in some cases even both. Snapping the right deal is inarguably a dopamine trigger, however, overspending on products you actually don’t need can leave a sour taste when you realise you fell into the sales trap.

So how can you do Boxing Day sales the right way? Try to focus only on things you really need – and see if you can find some big discounts. If you are like us, storming into shops on the 26th December is not really your deal – so thank god for the internet so we can bag that bargain without the crowds and the hassle.

Ok, so we’re good on how to shop the sales now, but what are those all-important items we should be looking for? For us, there’s only one (okay, maybe a few more) answer to that.


More specifically, a good mattress. And we’re not only talking about an “okay” mattress that is comfy but doesn’t really do anything else for you and your exhausted body. A great mattress should feel like sleeping on clouds AND work actively while you sleep. Sound like a dream that’s never come true? Well, let us tell you more.

Using state of the art technology, there is a new, smart fabric that can help restore your body – and when used in mattresses, can even help you heal overnight. Hello Celliant™. The mix of powerful thermos-reactive minerals within the fabric magically (ok, not magically, it’s actually scientifically proven) converts the body's natural energy into infrared technology. And you might have heard of, infrared energy has incredibly restorative effects on human bodies: it increases circulation, renews and repairs your cells helping your pain to subside faster and even let your injuries heal quicker!

This is not only mind-blowing when looking at what’s possible within today’s fabric technology but believe us, you will also feel the difference. The luxurious feeling of sinking into your comfy bed after a strenuous day is one thing, but waking up energised without aching muscles or stiff joints is simply pure bliss.

Yes, you probably guessed right: we’re talking about the infamous JUNO mattress. We truly believe investing in your mattress is investing in more nourishing sleep which in the end leads to better quality life. With JUNO being tried, tested and loved by so many Australians (0 returns since day one!), we think this is your number one tool to tackle the new year.

So here’s our insider discount for Boxing Day: From now on until the 31st of December JUNO can be yours from only $600! Save $150 on the regular price of $750 with the code "CHRISTMAS150" during this short period and reward your hardworking self with one of the most important things in life: blissful slumber…



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