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How important is sleep to you?

How important is sleep to you?

A guest blog by Caro and Kingi

People ask us all the time what was the hardest part of being on The Block? Was it the hard labour? The camera’s being in your face every day and night? Was it the constant pressure your under to perform on national TV? No, none of these! The hardest part of The Block was lack of sleep! We have never been that exhausted before in our lives!! I say having new born twins would be easier than going on The Block it was that tough. We sat in our living room and watched the show just like everyone one else and wondered why they kept crying all the time and couldn’t make simple decisions?! It can’t be that hard can it? Well how wrong we were! After experiencing the show and seeing what lack of sleep can do to you physically and mentally, we really appreciate our sleep now and how much we value it enormously! Once the show ended I think we slept for a week straight just to catch up!

So my question to you is: How important is sleep to you and your family? Well for Kingi and myself it’s very important and something everyone should focus on to live a healthy lifestyle. Kingi’s business KCT Creative Rendering, is of course a very labour intense job and puts a lot of pressure on his body every day, he needs to look after himself as without great health the business cannot survive. We need to look after him and that body of his for a few more years I think! He can’t retire yet!

As a Triathlete and an Ironman competitor I think it’s safe to say I live a very active lifestyle. Having the right amount of sleep every night helps me perform to the level I expect in my training every day. When I have a Triathlon or Ironman race planned sleep is part of my training program. There is no way I can train the number of hours I do leading up to a race without the best quality of sleep. Setting the alarm for 3am to ride my bike for 6 hours definitely requires a lot of sleep the night before! I’m crazy I know! I push my body to the limit every day in training and without the best quality of sleep I wouldn’t be able to achieve everything I do.

I believe in the old saying “We only have one body in this lifetime so we need to look after it!” and that’s 100% correct. We recently teamed up with JUNO and gave their Activate Mattress a good test run over the last few months and we are blown away by the results. I have noticed Kingi’s snoring has actually reduced (hallelujah) and this alone I think has saved our marriage! Now he realises the importance of sleep after using the JUNO Mattress and he is loving the quality of sleep he is getting. I have found my recovery after a training session has improved dramatically due to their Celliant technology which is clinically proven to improve blood flow. We both are waking up feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day!

So again how important is sleep to you? Have a think about it…

Caro x


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